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Sunday Worship Services

Our worship time is 9:30 a.m.


September 24

Who's Got Your Ear?

Exodus 23:1-9

I Samuel 15:1-24


Both passages highlight the significance of obedience to God's commands, fairness, and integrity in our actions and dealings with others. Exodus 23:1-9 focuses on principles of justice and honesty in society, while 1 Samuel 15:1-24 underscores the importance of obeying God's specific instructions.


September 17

Having a Forgiving Nature

Romans 14:1-2; Matthew 18:21-35 

Both passages emphasize the importance of showing love, understanding, and forgiveness within the Christian community and in our interactions with others. They stress the need to avoid passing judgment and to be willing to forgive as God forgives us.

September 10 

The Greatest Conflict Resolution Plan

Romans 13:8-14: The apostle Paul discusses the importance of love and moral living. He emphasizes that love fulfills the law and encourages believers to owe no debt except the debt of love. Paul explains that living in love means following the commandments and treating others with respect. He urges readers to put aside works of darkness and put on the armor of light, conducting themselves in a manner that reflects Christ's teachings. The passage advises people to avoid indulging in sinful desires and to instead focus on living in accordance with the principles of righteousness and godliness, recognizing that the time of salvation is near. 

Matthew 18:15-20: Jesus provides guidance on addressing conflicts within the community of believers. He instructs that if a fellow believer sins against someone, the offended person should approach them privately to address the issue. If that conversation doesn't resolve the matter, Jesus advises involving one or two witnesses. If the issue persists, it should be brought before the entire church community. The passage underscores the importance of reconciliation and the value of communal support in resolving conflicts. Jesus assures that whatever is bound or loosed on earth will have spiritual significance in heaven, emphasizing the significance of unity and agreement in prayer among believers.

September 3


The Road Less Traveled

Romans 12:9-21 – The apostle Paul offers a comprehensive guide to living a life rooted in genuine love and harmony. He emphasizes sincere affection, devotion to one another, and a commitment to moral goodness. Paul encourages believers to rise above negativity, showing kindness, humility, and empathy. He urges the rejection of vengeance, instead advocating for forgiveness and leaving justice in the hands of God. Believers are called to foster peace and unity within their communities, even in the face of adversity. By practicing love and goodness, they can overcome evil and make a positive impact on the world around them.


Matthew 16:21-28 – This is a pivotal moment in Jesus's ministry when he reveals his upcoming suffering, death, and resurrection to his disciples. Peter initially resists this revelation, prompting Jesus's stern rebuke. Jesus then teaches about self-denial and the importance of taking up one's cross to follow him. He highlights the value of losing earthly life for the sake of gaining eternal life. This passage underscores the cost of discipleship and the need to prioritize spiritual matters over worldly desires. By surrendering personal ambitions and embracing Jesus's teachings, believers can discover a profound sense of purpose and inherit the promise of eternal life.

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